About Cars and Cigars

CARS and CIGARS, is a unique and upscale brand that provides an entertaining experience like no other club or lounge.

Christopher Bain established the CARS and CIGARS brand in 2015 with the purpose of providing top-class event experiences with flawless execution to businesses as well as private clients. The CARS and CIGARS MIAMI venue can host private or semi-private events in a cocktail style reception. With CARS and CIGARS MIAMI your experience will be relaxed, the service will be excellent and your guests will be wowed.

We offer top shelf liquor in an eloquent, relaxing environment while taking pride in serving customers of varying tastes and backgrounds. CARS and CIGARS MIAMI serves leisurely, business and private clientele. Our space is available for informal business meetings, private parties and other types of events where you desire attentive service, mouth-watering cocktails with beautiful people along with a fine tobacco or shisha.

Main Room

Projection Room

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Candy Bar

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